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Working with Nico has been a great help, keeping me motivated and interested. Having used gyms in the past, I have struggled to see changes, but with online personal training I have got results quickly – the results that I wanted.

William - client

1st of January I weighed in at 96.4kg and on the 1st of march, I weighed in at 87.9 kg. There's still a way to go, but I'm happy about this, and hopefully, you will recognise that you played a part in this achievement, so thank you.

Jeremy - client

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In 90 days you'll be modeling amazing healthy lifestyle for your kids for years to come. After all, they won't listen to a word you say, but will copy all you do.

Reduce Stress

So you can enjoy being a father, build great relationships with those you love.

Be a healthy dad

Looking and feeling great is not a 'nice to have'. It is essential. And losing the dad bod will allow you to be an active dad for your family.

Be a role model dad

You'll model amazing healthy lifestyle for your kids for years to come. After all, they won't listen to a word you say, but will copy all you do.

Simple, quick and effective workouts

In my experience, improved self esteem as well as a reduction in stress are jusy two reasons to get on the right path

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What other dads are saying

I’m 46yrs old. Think my mind & body was bored with similar routines and pushing my body to the limit with an old head for knowledge.

I’ve lost 10lbs in just 3 weeks. It’s great to have new routines to look forward to. The structure is working great for me.

Try it for sure and you will not be disappointed. Nico is a fantastic coach. Very knowledgeable and is always there for you.

Chris - client

The aim was to enable me to continue doing what I love at 50plus: skiing, regular running races with friends and family ...

The result has been great, through a thorough and progressive programme I have lost bad habits and gain a routine that has allowed me to reach my weight target, feel fitter, and slot in exercise in my daily routine.

I would highly recommend Nico to anyone needing to build a programme to achieve a target fitness level and wanting to better understand how to make this sustainable over time through changing a few but critical habits.

Jerome - client